Motor Fleet Insurance

Motor Fleet Insurance is a multi-vehicle policy which we can offer cover for private cars, commercial vehicles or a mix of both. We are able to offer cover for a minimum of 3 vehicles and an extensive amount of trades and occupations.

The benefits of holding Motor Fleet Insurance is that you have one renewal date for all your vehicles saving you the time and effort each year searching the market for each and every vehicle to make sure you have the best deal. It makes the whole process simpler and you are able to choose from Comprehensive, Third Party Fire & Theft and Third Party Only Cover. We can also look to transferring your No Claims Bonus entitlement where your previous policies have been individually rated and not fleet rated.

Optional Covers

Fleet GAP Insurance

Cover is available for Fleet GAP Insurance. In the event of your vehicle being declared a total loss, Gap Insurance covers the difference between the motor insurer’s settlement and the purchase price paid for the vehicle, or if the vehicle was purchased under a finance agreement, the difference between the motor insurer’s settlement figure and the outstanding finance balance if the outstanding finance balance is greater than the purchase price of the vehicle.

This policy is designed for companies operating 3 or more vehicles who wish to protect themselves and their vehicles against a financial shortfall occurring following a total loss. This policy will provide a benefit to all eligible vehicles on the fleet no matter if they are financed, leased or owned outright. We will cover cars, vans, trucks up to 44 tonnes and agricultural vehicles. In the event a vehicle is the subject of a total loss this product will (up to an agreed sum insured):

Cover available for Cars and Lights vans £10,000 per vehicle, Vans £15,000 per vehicle, and Trucks £20,000 per vehicle. Total Annual Aggregate Limit £200,000.

Legal Expenses

Covers up to £100,000 legal costs for Drivers and Passengers wishing to bring a claim for Uninsured Losses against a third party following a non-fault incident involving a motor vehicle. Includes provision of an Incident Management Service to all claimants.

This policy also includes Motor Prosecution defence, Vehicle Cloning (£25k), Illegal Clamping/Towing £2.5k), Motor Contract Cover, Motor Database Disputes (£10k limit). Additional services include Section 1. Accident Claims Management and Support, Section 2. Pay as you need Breakdown and Recovery Cover, Section 3. Uninsured Loss Recovery incl Hire, Repair and Personal Injury, Section 4. Total Loss Recovery, Section 5. Glass Repair & Replacement Service

*Option to upgrade to Platinum Plus+ available – includes cover as above + up to 14 days emergency car hire package, free recovery up to 30 miles from accident scene & Key Repatriation Service (with key fob).

Tools in Transit

Cover for Individuals or Firms for their Portable Hand or Power Tools, if they are lost, destroyed, or damaged whilst being loaded, carried, temporarily housed or unloaded from the declared insured vehicle driven by Insured or Employees. Cover extended to Driveway/Roadside. Theft overnight subject to conditions (Insured Tools covered at Employees Homes -Does not cover their tools) - Each Policy covers 1 vehicle. If your vehicle is temporarily out of use cover is provided for a replacement vehicle.

Key Insurance

Cover if your keys (home, office or vehicle including any immobiliser, infrared handset and/or alarm which is integral to any key) are lost, stolen or damaged including locksmith charges, new locks (if security risk has arisen), replacement keys, vehicle hire up to 3 days if your vehicle is unusable and damage to keys in lock/ignition.

Full Breakdown Cover

Cover to include Homestart, Roadside Assistance, Roadside Recovery, Onward Travel and European Cover.

Excess Protection Cover

The Motor Excess Protection policy provides cover up to the policy limit in respect of a motor policy excess when your vehicle is involved in a claim arising as a result of Fire, Theft, Flood, Vandalism or an Accident that was your fault or partially your fault. This policy also covers you when you have been unable to recover your excess from a liable third party within a six month period of the date of the claim.

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