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Business Insurance

Business Insurance can vary in complexity and coverage so getting the right cover for you is important! We appreciate that an annual review of your insurance cover may not be top of your priority list – so we make it top of ours!

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Landlords Insurance

Landlord insurance is probably what we would class as our ‘bread and butter’. We have an abundant pool of insurers and exclusive facilities to cater for a whole range of different property owners insurance requirements.

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Block of Flats Insurance

Organising insurance for leasehold flats and apartments usually referred to as “Block of Flats Insurance” or “Block Insurance” is a huge responsibility. Whether you are a Residential Management Company, Right to Manage Company (RTM), Residents Association or a private individual with the responsibility to organise your Block Insurance we can help.

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Specialist Insurance

Are you looking for a specific insurance product? We can help with a vast amount of products whether you want to insure a Launderette, Religious Building or a Recycling Centre. Click the link below to see what our Specialist Insurance products are!

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Personal Insurance

Finding a competitive insurance policy which is right for you can be a time consuming and daunting task. At John Whippy Insurance brokers we aim to remove this burden by taking the time to listen to your needs and requirements and then offering you the most appropriate solutions from our extensive range of insurance products.

Home Insurance                       Car Insurance

Healthcare Insurance

Private medical insurance provides the peace of mind that you and your Family have prompt access to private medical treatment if needed or the urgency arises. 

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Life Assurance

You have worked hard to achieve your lifestyle. Protecting your personal assets and enabling your Family and loved ones to maintain their lifestyle is an absolute priority.

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Latest News

Warning! Employment Dispute & Employment Practice Liability is not covered by Employers Liability Insurance.

A common misconception is that any allegation of employment malpractice will be covered by Employers Liability cover. Unfortunately not, Employers Liability will cover employees who sustain an injury or illness during their normal business activities...

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Preparing for your annual insurance review? Why should you consider using the services of an Insurance Broker?

These days insurance is widely available and can be bought directly, through direct insurer agents, via online aggregators, captive brokers, financial advisors, banks and even at supermarkets. This is all very convenient but what is the best purchase...

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Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

On behalf of everyone at John Whippy Insurance Brokers, we would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We hope you all have a happy and safe holiday season and we look forward to reconnecting with you all again in 2019.


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