Six Reasons Your Business May Benefit From Management Liability Insurance

You know what they say: ‘it’s tough at the top’. As a manager, you’ll enjoy a great amount of power. But with this comes not only responsibility, but also potential liability.

Whatever industry you work in, if you’re a director or officer, you could be exposed to a range of legal claims. And these have only increased in recent years. John Whippy Insurance Brokers can give you comprehensive protection against traditional and emerging risks.

There are Six Reasons why your business may benefit from management liability insurance:

1. Your personal assets may be at risk

If you’re a director your personal liability is unlimited. This means that if someone accuses you of committing a wrongful act, even if you didn’t do it, your personal assets are at risk. After all, legal defence costs add up even if you’re not guilty.

2. Size doesn’t matter

Legal action is expensive regardless of how big or small your business is. You can still face charges for breach of contract, health and safety issues or employment-related claims even if you don’t have a board of directors.

3. There’s risks all over the place

Claims can come from different sources. It could be from shareholders and investors who think you’re personally responsible for their loss, or from unhappy customers, clients, employees and regulatory bodies.

4. You could be blamed when the business goes bust

If your company is facing financial problems, you could be held personally liable for not acting in the best interest of your creditors. With management liability insurance, you’ll be covered against claims for a breach of a legal duty. So whether it’s creditors, liquidators or shareholders on your case, you’ll be protected.

5. Professional indemnity insurance might not be enough

Professional indemnity insurance covers the company itself. So you might not be protected if someone makes a claim against you for wrongful acts. With directors and officers liability cover, you can rest better at night knowing you’ll be covered.

6. Protect yourself from a cyber attack

It sounds like the stuff of science fiction but if a cyber attack happens, you could be held personally liable. As a director, you’re responsible for making sure you’ve put in place adequate systems and controls to manage your company data. If you haven’t and there’s an attack customers, investors and regulators could make a claim against you.

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