Are you buying a Car with the new 68 registration plate? Why not purchase GAP Insurance!

The new 68 vehicle registration plates are around the corner and you might be considering purchasing a new car for yourself. You may therefore want to buy GAP Insurance to go along with it as well as your new van, motorbike, motorhome or taxi.

What is GAP Insurance?

GAP Insurance (Known as Guaranteed Asset Protection) is designed to work alongside your comprehensive motor insurance policy and is put in place to protect your financial investment. If the worst happened and the vehicle was written off or stolen, a GAP policy would cover the difference in value between the original purchase price, and the depreciated value at the time of the incident that the insurer will actually pay out.

Why should you buy GAP Insurance?

We have previously mentioned 5 reasons why you should purchase GAP Insurance, however, there are also many other options available with our GAP Insurance policies which meet all your demands and needs:

  • Our GAP insurance policies provide a refund should you sell your vehicle within the policy term.
  • We cover vehicles up to 8 years old - it’s not just for new vehicles.
  • Options available for vehicles purchased privately, through a motor dealer, paid in full or bought on finance.
  • Customers who lease (with no option to buy at the end) can also take GAP.
  • A GAP policy can be taken out up to 365 days after the vehicle was purchased.

At John Whippy Insurance Brokers we can offer you a comprehensive GAP Insurance policy offering you adequate cover with competitive premiums. When you are purchasing your new vehicle, please remember to contact us for a quotation as you may find that our premiums are more competitive than what the dealer or garage will offer you!

Please contact us on 01323 410433 for a GAP Insurance quotation today!

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