14 Reasons to appoint us as your Dedicated Insurance Broker!

We are not just a sales orientated middle-man. We understand the mechanics of insurance with a client-led consultative approach. Protecting our clients’ interest with a view to establishing long term client satisfaction is at the heart of our business. 

Here are 14 reasons why we feel we add value:

  1. We provide a Personal Service - Forget the faceless call centres, deal with someone you know and someone who knows you! Customer satisfaction and retention is our priority and we endeavour to accomplish this through a first class service. This we believe is achieved through on-going communication and ensuring we meet and exceed client expectations.
  2. We work for You - We work for you and not the insurer! Quite simply we search the market and free you of the burden of approaching multiple insurers and comparison sites to find the best deal.
  3. We save you time - Searching for a good deal and dealing with claims can be time consuming. We will do the work for you as we understand time is precious. An insurance review may not be top of your priority list - so we make it top of ours!
  4. We have years of knowledge and experience - We follow and understand the market trends and opportunities. Insurance products are continually evolving so we keep our finger on the pulse and ensure you benefit from innovative market leading products and not stuck with the same old outdated cover. Additionally, our staff also hold various insurance qualifications and share the same ethos of continual development.
  5. We understand the small print - Insurance contracts are a mine field of terms, conditions, warranties and exclusions, not to mention the often used insurance jargon! Some policies are more ‘wordy’ than others but we are on hand to sift out any obscure clauses, excesses and cover exceptions to avoid surprises in the event of a claim.
  6. Get to know us, trust us and have peace of mind - Trust that we can get you a competitive deal, have peace of mind that you are adequately covered and benefit from our expertise in the event of a claim. Get to know your appointed broker, communicate and feel comfortable dealing with them.
  7. We work with integrity and transparency – In line with the principals of “Treating Customers Fairly” we work with your best interests in mind and are transparent with the fees that we earn.
  8. We can provide risk management advice & tips – This includes identifying, measuring, managing and controlling business risks. To help alleviate risks and obtain favourable insurance terms we will provide guidance on a variety of measures that can be taken (E.g. business continuity plans, health and safety, building maintenance, security and fire prevention etc.).
  9. We have an abundant panel of insurers to choose from with wide market knowledge - In other words, ‘we know who’s good for what’ as we are quoting various products on a daily basis and we are in touch with the latest changes in the market. By comparison Direct Insurers and providers will often sell one or a limited number of products on a non-advice basis.
  10. We negotiate and use competition to pass on savings to you - we have close relationships with a variety of insurers and are able to negotiate favourable insurance terms.
  11. We have exclusive facilities with competitive premiums not available on the open market.
  12. We don’t just pigeon hole, we can also build bespoke policies to meet your needs - A standardised policy package won’t cater for everyone and we also have the ability to build cover to match your needs however quirky.
  13. In the event of a claim we can recommend and liaise with reputable contractors – We insure and have dealt with a variety of different contractors over the years, so should you have a claim we are not short of credible tradespeople to assist in rectifying any damage.
  14. We have local knowledge – With all our agents living locally we have a strong understanding of the local area and beyond which is beneficial when trying to cover those tricky locations.

Our pledge to you is to listen, understand and be committed to getting things done right the first time! 

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