How to prepare for Storm Nelson

With Storm Nelson due to impact us on Thursday 28th March 2024, we have put together some recommendations to help minimise any potential damage to your property:

Before the Storm:

1. Inspect fences and sheds to ensure there are no loose panels that could be blown into your property or neighbouring properties

2. Check for any loose or cracked roof tiles or slates that could be blown away

3. Ensure gutters and downpipes are attached securely and drains are clear of debris

4. Store away bins and garden furniture securely

5. Clear the garden of any overhanging branches

After the Storm:

Make sure you check the property for any damage. If any damage has occured that wasn't there before the storm then the damage may have been caused by the storm. Make a note of the date of the storm and take some photos of the damage. If you would like to make a storm claim then contact us on 01323 410433

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